Dream Big, Act Together: our Vision and Missions for a better world

Our Vision

A Future of Bright Fulfillment

At Association Beogo Neere, our vision transcends horizons. We envision a world where every person, no matter their challenges, can thrive. A world where women shine as leaders, where equality is a reality, and where mutual aid is the common thread.

Our eyes are on a future where smiles know no bounds, where opportunities are accessible to all and where solidarity builds bridges over inequalities. We strive to create a world where fulfillment is the universal language, where every individual has the chance to achieve their dreams.

The Association’s current target region of intervention is that of the central region of Ouagadougou and its surroundings with a vision of integrating the other regions of Burkina Faso while including the communities from Fada N’gourma to Orodara to also allow to all those Burkinabè women who want to develop and have a brighter future.

Together, we weave this vision into every action, every project and every smile we sow. Each step we take is a brick added to this edifice of hope and change.

Our Mission

Fulfillment and Solidarity in Action

At Beogo Neere, our mission is a call to action. We are dedicated to the development of the less fortunate and the empowerment of women. Every project we carry out, every initiative we launch, is imbued with this objective.

We build bridges to fulfillment by promoting income-generating activities, improving living conditions, providing charitable support to widows and orphans, and combating youth migration by promoting self-employment .

We spread well-being by raising awareness about maternal and child health, and by providing a solid basic education for children. Every action, big or small, is a step towards an enlightened future where fulfillment is not a dream, but a reality for everyone.