From Idea to Impact: Delve into Our Transformative Projects

Our Past Accomplishments and Our Current Achievements

Over the years, the Beogo Neere Association has given life to seven hopeful projects, touching the lives of 2,135 people. Among them, 288 have become committed members of our family, while 558 others, even without formal membership, have been touched by our benevolent action.

Each of these projects was designed with a specific mission, a mission that transcends numbers to reach hearts. From promoting self-employment to empowering women, to charitable initiatives reaching widows and orphans, our impact resonates in every smile lit and every life transformed.

In our projects, we sow the seeds of fulfilment. We create opportunities where there were none, building bridges to a brighter future. Each project is a stone added to the edifice of change, tangible proof of our commitment to equality, solidarity and fulfillment.

Discover these projects that embody our passion and our determination. Together, we change lives, project after project, and weave a social fabric where positive impact is our common thread.

2 Session
Savings Awareness

Our savings awareness project has illuminated pathways to a more secure financial future for 54 of our members and 128 people outside our association.

Through inspiring workshops, we shared essential knowledge about saving and the benefits of financial planning. The bright smiles of 54 members testify to the confidence they have gained by taking control of their financial future.

2021 - 2022
2 Session
Awareness Project for the Creation of Income-Generating Activities

At the heart of our commitment to development, the awareness project for the creation of Income Generating Activities (IGA) has lit the way to financial autonomy for 30 members of our association. But our impact does not stop there. We also reached 73 individuals outside our community, expanding our circle of influence and solidarity.

2021 - 2022
Income and Expense Management Training

In our quest for fulfillment, financial education is an essential pillar. Our income and expense management training project has lit the path to financial independence for 40 members of our association. But our impact is not limited to our own ranks. We also reached 52 individuals outside our community, sowing the seeds of responsible financial management.

2023 - 2025
Project for the Creation and Development of Income-Generating Activities

Our project of creation and development of Income Generating Activities (IGA) has traced paths towards is planned to contribute to the financial independence for 145 members of our association. And beyond our borders, we expect to have reached 5 outside non-member individuals, sharing our commitment to a better fulfilled future.

2023 - 2025
Awareness and Training on Savings and Micro-credit

Through workshops, training sessions and monitoring in short modules (1 to 3 months), we will share the basics of savings and micro-credit. This project will build the capacity of more than 400 people to enable them to build solid financial foundations and take control of their future.

2023 - 2025
Budgeting Training

This project is planned to grant financial autonomy to 250 members of our association. This project is planned to also contribute to the development of 50 non-members of our community.

2023 - 2025
Lighting the Pathways to Well-Being: Multiple Awareness Project

This project aims to contribute to the promotion of the well-being of people through multiple awareness projects with the aim of impacting more than 500 lives.

The project will cover the following areas:

  • Public and personal hygiene
  • Family planning
  • Health of women and children
  • Nutrition and Sports