Beogo Neere in one word: Passion, Solidarity, Fulfillment

Who are we?

The non-profit BEOGO NEERE ASSOCIATION was created with the mission of promoting women’s capacity building and contributing financially to the well-being of their families.

The Association is driven by the belief thatempowering women is the most effective strategy for ensuring the well-being of families and the long-term success of developing countries such as the land of upright men”. It s This is a remarkable initiative of Mrs. BELEMKOABGA Zara who saw herself in these women and like them, she was able to establish herself thanks to an IGA with the right training, the support of mentors and above all the confidence of local financial institutions Adja Zara as she is commonly known dedicated her life to hard work and as she rose economically she made sure to uplift marginalized women and her way was to always employ a minimum of 90% women rather than men in his company, having gone from the central plateau (Ouagadougou) to the East (Fada) and the South-West (Orodora) of Burkina Faso.

Our specific objectives

We are sculpting the future through specific objectives, each like a gemstone in our mosaic of contributions:

Generative Activities

Income-generating activities (IGAs) allow women to achieve financial autonomy and we equip women to create IGAs and develop these IGAs while seizing opportunities and creating employment while contributing to the economy. economy.

Women's living environment

We sow change by promoting an improved living environment for women. Inspirational initiatives are springing up to elevate the daily lives of those who embody strength and resilience.

Charity action

Our charitable embrace extends to widows and orphans every year. An action that warms hearts and demonstrates our tangible solidarity.

Youth self-employment

Our country is affected by the departure of young people to other countries in search of employment. The Association intervenes in the connection to employment opportunities for some and the creation of employment for others through short-term modular vocational training (1 to 3 months) to enable these young men and young women from environment with few means to qualify for micro-enterprise.

Mother and Child Health

The health of mother and child is our priority. Awareness sessions are blooming to bring lasting smiles into lives.


Basic education, the foundation of the future, is one of our compasses. We believe every child deserves a fair start to a bright future.

Our team

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General secretary

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Miss KINDA P. Judith

General Treasurer